Product Details

Teupen USA TL76S (LEO 25T PLUS)The TL76S (LEO 25T Plus) offers extraordinary side reach (59') with a straight boom design which provides the most rapid point to point access reaching a maximum work height of 82' 7". Teupen has built this machine the chassis common to the TL92SJ and TL110SJ thus standardizing the straight telescopic boom series.

Due to the clearance width of only 5ft 3in, this machine navigates easily through every double door and is second to none regarding its lateral outreach. The enhanced outrigger stroke balances the machine even in uneven terrain effortlessly. Moreover, the longer tracks allow a better distribution of ground force. You will not find any comparable machine within this height segment for the combined indoor and outdoor application solutions.

The TL76S s powered by a 21.6hp 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine and comes standard with an 115V, 20 amp alternating current electric motor for use indoors
  • Compact design, travels through any standard double door
  • 76′ Platform height, 82′ Working height
  • Amazing 50′ maximum outreach
  • Less than 40psf in work position
  • Smooth, simple proportional controls
  • Reliable and comprehensive safety control system
  • 440lbs unrestricted basket capacity
  • Multi-position and automatic, self leveling outriggers
  • Setup on slopes up to 30%
  • Dual power operates on 115V/20amp electric power or 21.6hp diesel engine


  • Platform height: 76 ft 7 in (23.3 m)
  • Working height: 82 ft 7 in (25.3 m)
  • Lateral Reach: 49 ft 2 in (15 m)
  • Machine Width: 5 ft 3 in (1.58 m)
  • Machine Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
  • Machine Weight: 8,289 lbs (3,760 kg)