For more than 35 years, Teupen has proven to be the world's leading manufacturer of compact track lifts. A German company, Teupen further committed to international growth in 2009 by establishing Teupen USA Inc as its North American Sales and Service Support Center headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. Teupen's goal is to solve our customer's height access challenges and help them to create sustainable cost and competitive advantages by using our products. Our vision is to be the world's leading solutions partner for every access challenge at height where practical access ensuring workers safety is paramount. Technical expertise and unconventional creative thinking combined with the high standards of German craftsmanship are the strengths of the Teupen team allowing a history of ground-breaking technical innovations for the safety and comfort of our customers. Today, Teupen offers its lift technology on multiple platforms. The same high standard and proven technology for ultimate safety, reliability and ease of use.

Teupen's History Includes:

  • 1977: Company founded by Bernd Teupen with a product range of furniture hoists
  • 1982: The first 3-point articulated aerial work platform is launched
  • 1987: Teupen launches the first aerial work platform on a rubber track chassis
  • 1997: Introduction of intelligent , patented control system
  • 2008: Nord Holding acquired majority of interest in Teupen
  • 2009: Teupen USA opened U.S. HQ in Charlotte, NC
  • 2009: Launch of the LEO13GT
  • 2010: LEO 23GT Facelift revealed
  • 2011: Launch of re-designed LEO18GT, new LEO 25T plus, and first LEO 50GTX delivered to U.S.
  • 2012: Launch of new LEO 15GT Plus
  • 2013: Introduction of "Fuzzy 4" Computer Control System and LEO 13GT with integrated gasoline engine
  • 2014: Introduction of the new Canopy Series; Introduction of the new Teupen Nomenclature from a metric based system to an imperial or "foot" model identification system
  • 2015: Launched new TL54AJ and introduce lithium ion power option for models TL44AJ, TL51A, TL54AJ, TL63A and TL69A




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