Doster Painting Company


"Scaffold was our other best choice and we could not have completed the project in the timeframe allowed by the Convention Center. With the LEO 23GT, we were able to complete the job in two full shifts and at a fraction of the cost."

GR Washington State


WOW, we wouldn't be without it now! Such an awesome piece of equipment! It outperforms the bucket truck by far.We'd recommend anyone buy a Teupen LEO 23GT. We called 6 tree companies who had one, before we made the purchase and all of them said 'DO IT" and we are glad we did!"



VIP Building Services


The last time I hired a window cleaning company, it cost $6,000″ says VanHouten. "This time, I rented the lift for a week, did the work myself, and saved the institution money." Andy VanHouten, facilities manager at the Strong Museum, Rochester, N.Y., rented a Teupen LEO 15GT Plus compact tracked lift to do a variety of maintenance work on the 300,000-square-foot facility. During a week-long rental, he cleaned windows at heights to more than 50 feet, relamped lighting fixtures, and cleaned parts of the facility's exterior and interior.

VIP Building Services is proud to present the Teupen LEO 23GT aerial spider lift, which has capabilities unrivaled byany lift in the Southwest. This Specialty Lift has nearly an 80′ reach and is compact enough to fit through 78″ x 40″ doorway. LEO is great for so many applications..."

Prime Window Cleaning


New Teupen Lifts make it much easier and faster to complete some high-rise jobs.