Canadian Museum of Human Rights

March 4, 2013

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

LEO 23GT at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

During construction, the steel erectors required lifts that could be craned into the museum interior and be set up on elevated floor slabs.  Floor loading was the primary concern as the workers needed to reach heights from 60' to 95' above each floor level to tie-in and connect steel support structure.  Traditional rubber wheeled booms carried unacceptable weight and crane baskets were not considered an option.

The contractor was introduced to the Leo series and determined that a Leo 23GT and Leo 30T could both be utilized to accomplish all of the necessary construction tasks while meeting all maximum floor load requirements.  With working heights of 75' and 98' respectively, the Leo's performed all expected tasks remarkably and were used extensively throughout the project.

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Charlotte Convention Center

March 4, 2013

Charlotte, NC

LEO 23GT at the Charlotte Convention Center

Don Doster Painting was contracted to perform ceiling repairs to the Charlotte Convention Center with the challenge to complete the project quickly, professionally and on a tight budget. The primary challenge being that the ceiling was 61' from a second floor mezzanine and set up had to be established adjacent to both an escalator and a set of stairs.  Scaffold was not acceptable due to cost (over $30,000) and time constraints (would have extended the project to 7 days).  A traditional boom was not usable because of floor load limits and the only access was through standard double doors or a 10000lb freight elevator.

"Scaffold was our other best choice and we could not have completed the project in the timeframe allowed by the Convention Center.  With the Leo 23GT, we were able to complete the job in two full shifts and at a fraction of the cost."  - Donnie Doster

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Nanoscale Science & Engineering

March 4, 2013

Fayetteville, AR

LEO 23gt at Nanoscale Science & Engineering

CDI Contractors of Little Rock, Arkansas was finishing out the new science and engineering building which has a very unorthodox interior design. The main floor area has a 65' ceiling height with only a 7' wide opening from floor to ceiling. Lighting and windows are at the top of this structure with no access. The construction scaffold had to be removed before the light fixtures arrived in order to finish the stairwell and handrail systems. CDI's subs had no way to reach the high areas in order to install lights, touch-up drywall and cleaning glass prior to turnover.

The Leo 23GT offered the perfect solution with its ability to navigate the doorway, narrow access and the set up around a structural column and underneath the stairs. Men were working at 65' within one hour of delivery and were able to reach all of the difficult areas previously thought to be unreachable