Better for Life and Limbs

Atlanta, GAA compact track lift from Teupen can help tree care professionals do more than reduce time and costs on a job. It can also reduce the physical toll on climbers. Just ask a professional arborist. "During my career I've climbed almost 1,600 trees with a harness and spikes," says John Read More >

Center City Challenges

Charlotte, NCAnyone managing multifamily properties in an urban environment understands one basic truth: the taller the building, the more complicated the exterior maintenance. Access from city streets and through tight entrances, combined with the need to reach multistory heights, requires smart Read More >

Wowing the Crowd

Orlando, FLThere have been many jaw-dropping feats of strength and performance at the Orlando Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. One of the most unusual recently occurred off the field. Like most modern stadiums, the Citrus Bowl is designed on a large scale. The upper decks have a steep rise Read More >

Tree Care, Charleston Style

Charleston, SCThe historic beauty and charm of Charleston, South Carolina is known around the world. Visitors flock to the cobblestone streets to view the stately homes in a downtown area that has been designated a National Historic Landmark and was once one of America's largest, most Read More >

Clear for Liftoff

Baltimore, MD When it comes to indoor traffic, few spaces have the high volume and pace of a major international airport. Thousands of people move through in a single day, and the idea of interrupting the flow is simply bad for business. This was the challenge recently faced by Baltimore/ Read More >

Church Service

Weddington, NC Weddington United Methodist Church opens its doors to hundreds of congregants each Sunday. And one recent weekday, it opened its doors to a dragon. "That's the only thing I can compare it to," says Michael E. Carver with a smile. "It folds up compactly like a dragon folding its Read More >

The Future of Tree Waste

Lafayette, LA Teupen USA is proud to serve some of the nation's leading tree care companies. We're also proud of our association with organizations that lead the industry in environmental preservation and eco-friendly practices. Not only is this a responsible and forward-thinking way to conduct Read More >

Going Deep: DN Tanks

Grand Prairie, TX Teupen USA compact track lifts have rolled into a lot of unusual spaces over the years. Among the most unusual is the bottom of a thermal energy storage tank.

While we pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions, our client DN Tanks really put our versatility Read More >

Downey Trees Inc.

Atlanta, GA Limited Access and Dangerous Conditions: Challenge Accepted

As any tree care professional knows, no two jobs are alike. The unique circumstances and challenges of each job require strategic thinking and the most efficient use of equipment and manpower. For Georgia-based Read More >

9/11 Museum

New York, NY

Maintaining a National Treasure

Modern facility architecture often involves grand elements that add to the customer experience high ceilings, unusually shaped facades, glass atriums and plenty of open space. As aesthetically pleasing as these Read More >

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