Church of Charlotte

August 8, 2013

Charlotte, NC

LEO 15GT Plus at Church of Charlotte

Facility maintenance at this new church had been a challenge from the first day the church opened.  Dealing with small issues most buildings encounter when they are first turned over to the owner can be very challenging.  Not knowing what problems you are going to face and how you are going to access those challenges are some of the headaches this church was facing.

The church knew right away they had an issue with lights in the Chapel (wiring problem to multiple strands).  Access was the issue.   A traditional boom would not have been able to get into the main facility (both weight and size issues), much less the Chapel itself.  The goal of renting the LEO 15GT Plus was to access the lights over the pews during the week so they would not interfere with their regular Church services.  The advantage of using the lift provided them with a safe and easy way to access the lights versus scaffolding.  They were able to save time and money by using the LEO 15GT Plus and completed the Chapel's lighting work in one day.

After using the LEO 15GT in the Chapel and experiencing its capabilities they discovered it could be used in other areas of their facility.  By the end of the week, they had accessed their gym through a single door, used the machine in their main lobby and changed lights in the parking lot.

With the combined use of the lift both indoors and outdoors, they were able to save on the cost of renting scaffolding, a one man lift, and a traditional boom.  The solution also gave them piece of mind in the months and years going forward that they would have a safe and cost effective solution to their facility maintenance challenges by renting Teupen's LEO 15GT Plus.

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