The Future of Tree Waste

July 19, 2015

Lafayette, LA

Teupen USA is proud to serve some of the nation's leading tree care companies. We're also proud of our association with organizations that lead the industry in environmental preservation and eco-friendly practices. Not only is this a responsible and forward-thinking way to conduct business, it also has become a smart economic decision for many organizations. 

Bob's Tree Preservation in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a great example. They first contacted Teupen in 2006 to purchase the LEO 23GT lift. The machine has helped the company improve safety and efficiency for structure pruning and removal of storm-damaged trees.

"I'd say Teupen's LEO 23GT is synonymous with modern arboriculture," says Joe Domovich, TCIA-certified plant health care specialist at Bob's Tree Preservation. "The lift's narrow width allows us to maneuver in the most difficult and dangerous situations that other aerial lifts can't approach. This builds confidence and morale for our team members, because it gives us the ability to make the proper cuts at the proper bisecting angle with two hands on the chainsaw for safety. No more hanging on to the tree or the rope for dear life and making a cut with one hand on the saw. In more ways than one, the LEO 23 is a life saver."

Domovich adds that as a certified tree care safety professional, he appreciates how the Teupen spider lift has reduced high-risk factors and made it easier to monitor professional practices. "The LEO 23 has been in such demand for every crew, we decided to buy a second machine, which has doubled our production," he says. 

While safety on the job site is a fundamental goal at the company, Domovich says recycling and repurposing tree waste is every bit as important to the company. Several years ago, the owners of Bob's Tree Preservation took a hard look at how yard waste and tree removal materials could be handled other than dragging them off to overcrowded landfills. 

"In my 20 years at this company, not once have we dumped any wood at a landfill," Domovich explains. "We recycle 100 percent of our wood at our 60-acre recycling facility near our production yard. Everything up to 18 inches in diameter is put through our wood chippers to be turned into mulch. Everything over 18 inches is loaded by grapple loaders and hauled away to be processed into eco-mulch, firewood or rustic furniture. Nothing is wasted."
Bob's Tree Preservation is among the innovative and eco-friendly tree care companies that have created a new revenue stream while recycling and repurposing tree waste into green materials. "It's a win-win for everyone--for our company and our planet," Domovich says. 

Providing such a service can create a competitive advantage in a marketplace where more and more consumers care about environmental responsibility. If your tree care company is interested in instituting or improving a recycling effort to reduce the amount of tree waste shipped to landfills, we encourage you to consider the many ways trees can be repurposed:

Mulch Tree stumps, branches and wood chips can be ground into mulch for both commercial and residential use. Mulch recreates a forest floor rich in bacteria and fungus, which trees and shrubbery thrive on. Mulch improves soil conditions, especially in urban soils that have a low organic factor and are suffering from urban soil decline.

Firewood Homeowners continue to use wood stoves and fireplaces as a cost-effective source for heat, so firewood will always be a valuable commodity. 

Biofuel Tree waste can be converted into materials for electricity generation. These materials are in high demand for companies specializing in biofuel. 

Construction Products Lumber mills transform logs and larger branches from certain trees into construction-grade lumber and plywood. 

Loam Mixture The soil from old stump waste can be extracted and combined with compost, to be used as an additive in the creation of high-quality loam for building projects. 

Everyone at Teupen USA values the opportunity to work with and learn from companies like Bob's Tree Preservation. We are glad to see that the tree care industry is making strides in boosting the bottom line at the same time it's contributing to a healthier, greener world.

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