Bringing Cost Savings to Light

If you're considering moving from traditional incandescent or halogen to LED lighting for your facility, certainly you've factored in the upfront cost. Many Teupen USA customers utilize our machines to access hard-to-reach lighting areas, and they've shared their financial concerns about retrofitting or renovating their existing lighting systems. But have you considered the cost savings and other benefits you'll experience from making the switch? 
The future of lighting and facility efficiency belongs to LED technology. And in a way, the choice is being made for us. Many manufacturers are phasing out of incandescent and halogen lighting production now or in the near future. 
So what makes LED lighting the smarter and more economical choice for your facility?
Energy efficiency = Lower costs 
LED lighting typically requires 50% or less wattage for output comparable to incandescent or halogen lighting. This results in 75% less energy consumption, which naturally reduces environmental impact. 
With LED bulbs, you also have a distinct advantage over halogen lamps. The significant heat generated by halogen drives up your cooling costs. LED technology is proven to be cooler and therefore more efficient and economical, especially when adding dimmers and motion sensor controls for localized lighting control solutions. 
Extended life = Reduced maintenance 
Some LED lamps offer a life rating of 50,000+ hours. That's six times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. This means you can reduce the frequency of bulb changing and the labor hours associated with it. In fact, when the savings in maintenance costs and energy efficiency are combined, facilities can typically expect payback for a relighting investment within 18 to 24 months. 
Improved illumination = Higher productivity 
Lighting is about more than kilowatts and semiconductors. There's a psychological component that can pay off in surprising ways. Report after report reveals that properly illuminated workplaces are more productive workplaces. Bright and steady lighting is essential to improving employee morale, engagement and productivity and can help reduce on-the-job accidents.
LED's contributions to a brighter work environment include a light color selection ranging from warm red to cool blue as well as more evenly distributed light output. And if those old-fashioned and highly annoying flickering fluorescents are still part of your workplace, switching to LEDs will provide a more reliable lighting solution that everyone will appreciate.   
Even beyond dollars and cents, lighting is important to your image and your brand. Customers will have more positive experiences in facilities where the lighting is uniform, up-to-date and well integrated into the environment. The benefits are clear. By adapting to LED technology, you can save money as you put your facility in the best possible light.