Built for the Long Haul

An investment in a compact lift from Teupen USA is an investment in longevity. Teupen has been manufacturing compact lifts since 1987, and first sold units in North America in 2005. A decade later, these machines are still in full operation. 

Just ask David Coyne, owner of TLC Environmental Services, based in Tucson, Arizona. The company first purchased Teupen's LEO 15GT in 2007 for use in its tree care operations. Like a Timex watch, this Teupen lift takes a licking and keeps on ticking. 

"I had rented this same model for a few months, so I knew exactly what we would be getting when we purchased it," Coyne explains. "There's so much about the machine that works perfectly for our business. We do a lot of residential work, so it's pretty common to deal with narrow gates and fences. Teupen's skinny platform gets us in and out very easily. We've moved it over pool decks and through heavily landscaped spaces, and we can access heights without needing to climb. The LEO gives us the tools we need to perform each function safely and accurately." 

Because TLC Environmental Services is based in the Arizona desert, Coyne says his company often isn't dealing with ordinary trees. "We've gone into Saguaro National Park to trim and remove cacti and other desert trees and if you see how big a cactus can get, and how heavy it is because it's completely full of water, you understand how important it is to have very precise control in your working conditions."

Coyne affirms his Teupen lift was in constant operation without a single service issue until recently, when it needed reconditioning and rewiring work. "It's surprising to wait several years before you need any repairs on a machine this complex," he says. "We've definitely gotten our money's worth." 

At Teupen USA, comments like these are so meaningful because they reinforce the standards that our company was built upon. Our lifts fit the German stereotype of state-of-the-art engineering, superb construction and long durability. 

When needed, we strive to provide customer service and support at the same level of quality as our design and construction. This is why Teupen USA offers:

  • A wide inventory in excess of $750K in parts, ready for quick response with better than a 96 percent piece part fill rate
  • A factory-trained and knowledgeable service team ready to answer questions and provide support
  • A program that has now trained over 300 service technicians throughout North America on maintenance and service of our machines

To see how a Teupen compact lift can transform your tree care business and to experience the advantages of durability, functionality and unparalleled service and support, please contact us today at 877.838.7361 to learn more.