The LEO® compact crawler lift extends it versatility and unique capabilities into many heavy and commercial industrial applications. The same benefits that serve the interior applications of a building facility manager are advantages to many industrial applications. The LEO® "mini lift's" compact size characteristics combined with their superb height capabilities make many previous insurmountable jobsite projects possible.

Teupen USA Industrial ApplicationOnce again, the narrow machine width and low height profile in the transport mode grants the LEO® series access to difficult to reach maintenance or repair spots previous considered unreachable. The LEO® compact lift can be set up at the most complicated locations and on uneven surfaces using its automatic outrigger leveling and safety systems. With the exceptional outreach you can now safely work in confined areas and eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming scaffold solutions.

Teupen machines are used in warehouse applications in between narrowly space racking systems; in refineries to perform maintenance on pipe racks; in power plants to work inside sloped tanks and cooling towers; among many other heavy industrial applications. The LEO® tracked lifts are capable of maneuvering through boggy areas and through very narrow gates and doorways.