Sporting Venues

Teupen USA Sporting Venue and Stadium ApplicationStadium and arena maintenance projects create challenging scenarios for working aloft, be it reaching high lighting, HVAC systems on a second floor mezzanine or needing the capability to set-up on a steep pedestrian ramp to clean facades or fixtures.  The LEO® series, due to its exceptional work profile, self-leveling capability and low floor loadings, provides an efficient and non-disruptive solution to these challenges.   In addition, its compact travel size and small footprint allows for the completion of work with very limited or no disruption to customer traffic flows.

Specific advantages include:
  • shorten maintenance hours and decease downtimes of facility
  • does not damage sensitive indoor floorings and leaves no traces on grass playing fields
  • when floodlights can, for example, only be accessed from the pitch or the field
  • traditional self-propelled booms of a similar height usually weigh more than three times that of a LEO® model with comparable working height making them impossible to use on the turf or the fragile tarmac which edges it.