Lift & Access Product Review: Teupen LEO 18GT Crawler-Mounted Aerial Lift

October 2012

Teupen's LEO 18GT offers a 441-pound capacity throughout its working envelope, including at its full 51'9″ platform height and at its 24'3″ maximum outreach at an elevation of 27 feet. The turret offers 450° non-continuous rotation, and the wide turret diameter gives a solid, sturdy feel.

Compactness, power, and maneuverability enable the LEO 18GT to easily get to challenging work sites. Travel-ready, it weighs 5,291 pounds and measures 16'10″ long, 31 inches wide, and 6'6″ high, so it fits onto a rollback truck or small trailer and passes easily through a single doorway.

If the machine needs to be shortened for transportation or tight-space maneuvering, the basket can be taken off by removing just one pin. The platform measures 56″ x 28″, weighs about 40 pounds, and has rollers, so it can be walked easily to the work area, and even be used to transport tools.

The powerful travel system will climb a 36 percent (20°) grade, travel at up to 0.9 mph, and negotiate side slopes of up to 28 percent (16°). Each track can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, totally independent of the other track, by a patented system. The LEO 18GT is the only compact tracked lift at the Showcase with this feature. It enables the operator to set one track lower than the other to help the machine stay level while traveling across side slopes.

Maximum ground clearance is 7 inches. The tracks also can rotate independently to enable pivot turns. Built-in fork pockets and lifting eyes make it easy for a crane or forklift to set the LEO 18GT on an elevated work site, such as a mezzanine or roof. Non-marking treads are standard.

The LEO 18GT's four outriggers set automatically and self-level. They form a 10'11″ x 10'11″ foundation, provide up to 10 inches of ground clearance, and can set up on a 10-percent slope. The Showcase unit was equipped with a 12.7-hp Kubota diesel engine, plus a 110V plug-in system for working indoors or other places that don't allow exhaust. A gasoline-fueled Honda engine is optional.
All the LEO 18GT's functions are operated from a cable-connected remote console. On it is a selector switch and two fully proportional joysticks for controlling major functions. The same console is used in the basket or on the ground. It is similar to the controllers used on other Teupen models, so operators can quickly become comfortable operating any model in the Teupen family. The smoothness and responsiveness of the joystick controls makes precise operation easy.

Teupen says the strength and rigidity of its boom, combined with its patented "fuzzy" electro-proportional control logic adds to controllability by minimizing or eliminating bounce and sway. In addition, all wiring, hoses, and cables are protected inside the boom to minimize risk of damage. The lift demonstrated at the Showcase featured an optional jib that provides 150° rotation to enhance platform positioning. Although the platform does not pivot, its two front corners are slanted instead of square, a design Teupen says increases the ability to maneuver the platform around obstructions.

Laure Dasse
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