Lift & Access Product Review: Teupen LEO 18GT Crawler-Mounted Aerial Lift October 2012

Teupen's LEO 18GT offers a 441-pound capacity throughout its working envelope, including at its full 51'9″ platform height and at its 24'3″ maximum outreach at an elevation of 27 feet. The turret offers 450° non-continuous rotation, and the wide turret diameter gives a solid, sturdy feel.Compactness, power, and maneuverability enable the LEO 18GT to easily get to challenging work sites. Travel-ready, it weighs 5,291 pounds and measures 16'10″ long, 31 inches wide, and 6'6″ high, so it fits onto a rollback truck or small trailer and passes easily through a single doorway.If the machine needs to be shortened for transportation or tight-space maneuvering, the basket can be taken off by removing just one pin. The platform measures 56″ x 28″, weighs about 40 pounds, and has rollers, so it can be walked easily to the work area, and even be used to transport tools.The powerful travel system will climb a 36 percent (20°) grade, travel at up to 0.9 mph, and negotiate side slopes of up to 28 [..] read more

Promotion Announcement June 2012

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Teupen and for his success in sales growth, David Kesser has been promoted to the position of National Sales Manager Strategic Accounts. In this role, David is responsible for the continued support and growth of existing accounts along with identifying and developing additional strategic relationships. David will serve as the point person for all strategic accounts. "As our sales force continues to grow, David will also serve as a mentor and leader in their development and account growth," states Scott Reynolds, President , "we are blessed to have David as a key member of the Teupen Team!"Contact:Laure DasseTel: [..] read more

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