Advanced Technology Simplifies Operations

February 2015

Access and control. These are two of the most common responses when we ask clients of Teupen USA what they value most about our equipment. The compact size and versatility of our lifts provides the access. The technology inside provides the control. 

Technology is a major differentiator for Teupen machines. It may not always be apparent when utilizing our lifts, but there are advanced internal systems working hard to ensure the safest possible operation. With Teupen technology, every move is constantly being monitored and evaluated with onboard diagnostics. Our machines aren't just wired to work, they're wired to think ahead and avoid potential safety risks.   

So what's under the hood of a Teupen lift? As you'll see, there are plenty of innovative features--all programmed for maximum worker safety. 

Computer Integrated Control System 

Teupen's computer operating system has been designed specifically for our compact track lifts. This is not an off-the-shelf program that has been adapted for lift equipment. Ours is unique because it continually and rapidly evaluates input from multiple sensors and switches to determine if the operator's command is safe. It then sends electronic signals to the hydraulic system to perform or not perform the requested task, preventing dangerous or unsafe operations. With the Teupen computer integrated system, optimized command and control provide our clients with optimal safety and performance.
Safety Through Redundancy
The most critical functions of Teupen machines are paired with redundancy in input/sensors. Such functions include the boom angle, pressure sensors and lower boom telescoping, which has four functions--two in the vertical position and two in the retracted position. Redundancy is critical because it restricts any unsafe operational function from being completed. For example, the lower boom telescoping sensors keep the operator from lowering the lower boom when it is telescoped. This prevents a change in the center of gravity of the lift and a potential tipping event.
For the outrigger foot switches, our computer allows the operator to determine which outrigger foot is having a potential problem and pinpoints the exact nature of the malfunction, whether it's in moving parts or in the mechanical system itself. 
Audible and visible warnings are triggered when the machine is approaching unsafe parameters or if the operator is trying to make an unsafe movement.
Precision and Control
The Teupen system creates a "low energy" power demand environment to maximize efficiency and performance. Because commands and communications are sent via electronic signals, our machines can operate with smaller components, less hydraulic flow and lower engine power. These features all contribute to a low operational cost benefit.

This electronic control system provides a distinct advantage over direct hydraulic systems. By utilizing electronics, the operator has extremely precise boom movement; unlike hydraulics, there is no delay once the joystick is released. Our system also eliminates accidental movement by evaluating any movement before it is performed. With hydraulics, there's the potential to accidentally press a valve or for a valve to become stuck in place. 
The diagnostics on Teupen compact lifts provide a comprehensive visual display, with fault codes that direct technicians to the trouble spot. By pinpointing the exact nature of the area that needs attention, diagnostic codes lead to faster repair and less downtime for equipment. 
With traditional hydraulic systems, repairs can be much more complicated than simply replacing hoses or fittings. System failures require diagnostic tools (pressure gauges, flow meters, etc.) and the ability to read and comprehend hydraulic diagrams. 
Operator Interface
Beginning with the TL63A and larger machines, Teupen offers an "in the basket" computer display screen, which provides the operator with immediate and continual guidance. Our display screen indicates interactive machine parameters so the operator knows which functions are available at all times. For example, our display indicates when the operator is approaching functional limits, such as maximum outreach. The control system also allows for a "coming home" function in both our Canopy and LEO series 63A, 76S and 92SJ lifts. This is a one-button, automatic return of the boom to the stowed position.

At Teupen USA, we know it's one thing to talk about technology; it's another to see it in action. If you have questions about our systems or would like to schedule a demonstration of a Teupen lift, please contact us today at 877.838.7361.