Teupen USA Announces 2015 New Product Releases

February 2015

TL54AJ and Lithium Ion Power System now available

CHARLOTTE, N.C., (Feb. 10, 2015) Teupen recently announced multiple product releases for 2015, including the new TL54AJ machine model and a Lithium Ion Power System for the Teupen line of compact track lifts. Starting this quarter, Teupen will offer a new 54-foot platform height (60-foot working height) machine as well as the additional option of a lithium power battery on the following models: TL44, 51, 54, 63 and 69. 
The TL54AJ, featuring a 54-foot platform height and only 32-inch width, is introduced as Teupen's largest "single door" access machine. The lift features an independently controlled jib, a large 28-foot side reach and height- and width-adjustable tracks. The TL54AJ's prime power is a Kubota Z602 - 14.5hp diesel engine with a secondary electric motor powered by an 115V / 20 amp electric service. As an option, the machine can be ordered with Teupen's new Lithium Ion Battery Pack. 
Other key features of the TL54AJ model include:
  • Cable remote control with complete machine control
  • Outrigger design to allow improved slope stabilization to 21%
  • 440-pound unrestricted basket capacity
  • White, non-marking tracks
With the new TL54AJ, Teupen continues to offer efficient height access solutions for challenging job applications where traditional lifts, scaffolding or other alternatives are inadequate. The compact dimensions and low weight of this machine are tremendous benefits for both interior and exterior work. Teupen lifts provide contractors and facilities alike with an affordable alternative to other cumbersome choices. The TL54AJ has a suggested retail price of $118,900.

Teupen's new Lithium Ion Battery Pack will be offered as an optional power source on five machine models. The battery pack option would replace the diesel engine as the primary power source and would be coupled with a 115V / 20 amp electric motor as secondary power. The new power source will provide outstanding torque and speed, allowing machines to provide greater flexibly in interior applications.  

Additional key features of the power system include:
  • 48V / 120 Ah / 6 kw Lithium Battery Pack
  • Less than 6-hour recharge time through 120V onboard charger
  • Approximately 3,000 charge cycles
  • Completely sealed, low-maintenance system
  • Ability to charge while in use
Teupen is excited about the properties of the lithium-ion battery, especially when compared to lead batteries. The most notable difference is that the lithium ion battery is voltage-stable. It consistently provides full power throughout the duration of use until shortly before reaching the discharge state. Additionally, recharging or equalization charging of the battery after the actual charging process is not necessary to protect the battery, thus saving energy. The new battery also can be charged more quickly, reducing the downtime of workers and increasing operating hours for the machine.
To learn more about the new product offerings in person, visit Teupen USA at The Rental Show (Booth 9055) in New Orleans, February 22-25.