Compact Lift vs. Scaffolding: Weighing the Benefits

At Teupen USA, we understand our customers have options when it comes to tackling height and access challenges in their facilities. Traditional scaffolding is often the industry's go-to choice. But we'd like to share the story of a customer who turned to a compact track lift for a more efficient and economical solution. 
Donnie Doster, owner of Doster Painting in Charlotte, N.C., recently found himself in the market for a height access solution for a quick-turn project inside a busy convention center. With the unique design and access challenges of the facility's infrastructure, including confined spaces and abstract engineering throughout, it first appeared that traditional scaffolding was the only means for accessing the 60-foot heights required to complete the job. Donnie had used scaffolding in the past and knew it would work for this project. But he had also heard of Teupen USA, and decided to investigate the possibility of using an aerial lift instead. 
It was Donnie's first time with a Teupen lift, and he says it won't be his last. Using a spider lift, he discovered a new alternative that eliminated the issues typically associated with scaffolding. This more traditional method can require multiple days' work for assembly and an equal amount of time for dismantling. Depending on the business landscape, scaffolding may interrupt, or even halt, traffic flow due to space navigation and safety concerns. The costs of time and money can really add up. 
Enter Teupen USA's solution to virtually any height access challenge. Our compact track articulating and straight boom lifts are designed to travel through narrow entranceways and typically weigh two-thirds less than most man lifts. Teupen compact track lifts can safely access terrains, locations and heights that other boom lifts typically cannot, while carefully maintaining the integrity of the work environment landscape. Giving customers the benefits of access and control, Teupen also creates sustainable cost and competitive advantages.
Teupen aerial lifts are manufactured with expert German craftsmanship and technical ingenuity. They feature non-marking rubber tracks and a light, lower surface load that disperses weight across surfaces, eliminating the potential damaging pressure points associated with other lifts and scaffolding. Each machine is fitted with automatic, self-leveling outriggers that maintain the machine's impeccable stability while also assisting the lift in negotiating intricately designed spaces. In addition, Teupen track lifts are engineered with lighter specialty steel and aluminum and eliminate the need for a counter-balance, which increases the ability to access freight elevators and various levels of most structures. Whether a project requires the use of a Teupen lift for one hour or several days, the machine can easily be stowed during busy hours. All of these factors allow for a seamless operation and uninterrupted progress in the safest manner while helping customers save time and money.  
Going outside his comfort zone for his latest project, Donnie Doster bypassed scaffolding and chose to use a Teupen LEO Series TL69A lift. Donnie says he chose wisely. He calculates that scaffolding would have created a five- to seven-day project, consuming over $22,000 of his budget while reducing his bottom line. By using the Teupen compact track lift, he was inside the facility and working in one hour, at less than a third of the cost of scaffolding. 
"Anything I can do to impact the way we work, whether we're talking about efficiency or safety, has far-reaching implications in my company's overall productivity and functionality," Donnie says. "The spaces where we work, especially in the public spaces, are often confined. We have to work around a lot of people and activity, which limits available workspace. Teupen made it easy to get in, get out and get the job done."
If scaffolding has always been your go-to solution, we invite you to experience the difference of a Teupen compact track lift. For questions about our machines or to schedule a product demonstration, please contact us today at 877.838.7361.