Live load. Ground pressure. Pounds per square foot. Arborists can run into certain situations where equipment weight and load rating can affect the structure they are operating and driving on at their jobsite, such as pool areas, patios and driveways. No need to panic like it's time for midterms. You have help in figuring it all out. 

Teupen is here to offer complete solutions for your height access challenges. Our compact track lifts can reach heights of 92 feet, but are lightweight enough to travel safely across practically any commercial surface. Before deciding on the proper equipment for the job, it's important to calculate the floor load requirements for any surface, from concrete slabs to concrete pavers. 
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A facility work site with height access challenges can be very hazardous. Like a police officer or firefighter, anyone working in aerial maintenance should make safety the priority each work day. No matter how busy your schedule may be, please remember to take the time to prepare, be aware, and above all, practice these recommended steps to ensure a culture of safety for you and your crews.  

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It Takes Two
When working with equipment as potentially dangerous as an aerial lift, the industry standard is for the operator to be trained in all aspects of the machine's operations. But, what about the person on the ground? 

It is every bit as critical for a ground assistant to be knowledgeable, up-to-speed and ready to act. Imagine a situation where the operator in the air has a heart attack, or is knocked unconscious by a falling object. If you're on the ground and are suddenly thrust into a life or death situation, are you prepared? 
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Finding Additional Revenue Streams in the Off-Season
Business owners sometimes don't get a lot of sleep. They are constantly thinking about and analyzing their business. Are the customers satisfied? Are my employees happy? Do I have the resources and assets to keep up with my competitors? What more can I do with what I have?

Tree care company owners are no exception. Yet many have figured out a way to capitalize on their existing personnel and equipment to increase both revenue and profit. They aren't letting the traditional off-season get in their way. They are seizing new opportunities. 
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An Operator's Due Diligence Equals a Safe Work Site

Whether you're driving a car at 60 mph or working in a lift 60 feet in the air, you can be assured that both machines have been designed with safety features. However, if you don't operate each properly, you can get yourself or someone else hurt. 

When it comes to the work site, however, the responsibility of safety begins with the operator's due diligence. Based on lessons learned over the years, here are a number of tips to help ensure that your compact lift is protected and secured and you are in the safest situation possible.
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Built For the long haul
An investment in a compact lift from Teupen USA is an investment in longevity. Teupen has been manufacturing compact lifts since 1987, and first sold units in North America in 2005. A decade later, these machines are still in full operation. 

Just ask David Coyne, owner of TLC Environmental Services, based in Tucson, Arizona. The company first purchased Teupen's LEO 15GT in 2007 for use in its tree care operations. Like a Timex watch, this Teupen lift takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
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Safety Above Begins With Safety Below
From the ground level, an aerial work platform can look risky and intimidating. It takes training and practice to master the skill of operating a man lift. Yet some of the most important work happens before the operator sets foot on a platform. A proper job site assessment helps to eliminate the risk and uncertainty of working dozens of feet in the air and ensures a safer work environment. 
The training for any boom lift operator includes basic aerial work platform instruction, machine-specific familiarization and proficiency tests. A critical part of the process is learning how to conduct a job site assessment a routine that should be followed without fail for every job, at the beginning and end of each workday. 

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Compact Lift vs. Scaffolding: Weighing the Benefits
At Teupen USA, we understand our customers have options when it comes to tackling height and access challenges in their facilities. Traditional scaffolding is often the industry's go-to choice. But we'd like to share the story of a customer who turned to a compact track lift for a more efficient and economical solution. 

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Get To The Root Of Insect Infestation 

The smallest problem can pose the biggest threat to healthy trees. When tiny insects grow in quantity and cause a full-scale infestation, it may take years to correct the damage. At Teupen USA, we are encouraged that our tree care clients are getting in front of the insect problem by helping to prevent it in the first place.

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Bringing Cost Savings to Light

If you're considering moving from traditional incandescent or halogen to LED lighting for your facility, certainly you've factored in the upfront cost. Many Teupen USA customers utilize our machines to access hard-to-reach lighting areas, and they've shared their financial concerns about retrofitting or renovating their existing lighting systems. But have you considered the cost savings and other benefits you'll experience from making the switch?  

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