Facility Maintenance

Exterior Maintenance

Exterior MaintenanceAs home and commercial building sites become more congested and on smaller and tighter lots, the need for compact access solutions is ever growing. The Teupen LEO® series extends its outstanding and versatile capabilities to every unique exterior maintenance requirement. Whether repairing exterior siding above a sloped alleyway, painting fascia board on a lakeside home or installing wrap signage on a glass façade, a LEO® compact lift can fulfill a myriad of access requirements.

Contractors both large and small for home and commercial projects find the Teupen compact crawler lift versatile and effective for many projects previously thought unmanageable.

Interior Maintenance

Interior MaintenanceModern commercial and public buildings are becoming larger and more generously spaced.  Visitors are welcomed with impressively shaped facades, light-filled lobbies, large glass atriums and fully glazed courtyard roofs. In particular, large buildings in the education, healthcare, public and retail sectors are laid out to accommodate steady and large streams of visitors with the goal to create an airy and transparent environment that is friendly, accessible and easy to navigate.  These facilities create significant challenges for aerial work and the Teupen LEO series provides the perfect solution.
The interior of these large spaces may include features like:
  • elaborately shaped glass facades, high glass roofs and exposed wooden ceilings
  • sensitive hardwood, ceramic tile or marble floorings
  • hard to reach ceiling fixtures like spotlights, HVAC or fire safety systems
Facility management contractors and maintenance staff regularly face problems accessing these atriums for cleaning, installation and repair work.  Confronted with these issues, facility managers are hampered by budgetary constraints and an equipment rental market that gears its aerials fleets to construction projects rather than interior building maintenance.

Teupen USA lift accessing tall atrium without using scaffolding For higher access jobs, maintenance contractors and facility managers often have to rely on time-consuming solutions like scaffolding, unsafe ladders or cumbersome and heavy boom lifts not intended for indoor maintenance usage. For the latter, the biggest obstacle is limited access possibilities and floor load restrictions on the way to the actual worksite. Many facility managers have unpleasant experiences with traffic disruption and time consuming set-up process for scaffolding or how much hassle it is to bring in a boom lift with an acceptable working height, e.g. by opening glass walls, widening doors or building ramps.

Teupen's LEO series (commonly referred to as "spider lifts") offers an excellent alternative to all of these challenges.  Their compact size permits access to many tight and challenging access locations.  Their low weight permits access to elevated surfaces and the outrigger designed stabilization allows for set-up and use on sloped or uneven surfaces. The crawler boom track chassis permits navigation across sloped and diverse terrains along creating very low floor loading impact.