Product Details

Teupen USA TL156AX (LEO 50GTX)The "Big Fella" TL156A is another impressively large boom with a compact dimension. Even with its impressive working height of 164', it is still capable of entering a standard double doorway. Also noteworthy is an outreach of approximately 50' at a height of 82'.

The TL156A is an extremely versatile machine for a wide range of inside and outside applications. Its height and width adjustable tracked chassis proves versatile and non-damaging across landscaped surfaces or floors with fragile or sensitive tiles. The low machine weight, relative to its height capacity, is a major benefit in both reducing floor loading and improving mobility. Most importantly, it's articulated boom design combined with the smooth computer enhanced, electric over hydraulic controls make the machine easy to operate and smooth in movements.

  • Compact design, travels through any standard double door
  • 156′ Platform height, 163′ Working Height
  • Less than 100psf in work position
  • Smooth, simple proportional controls
  • Reliable and comprehensive safety control system
  • 440lbs unrestricted basket capacity 
  • Multi-position and automatic, self-leveling outriggers
  • Setup on slopes up to 30%
  • Dual power operates on 440V/16amp electric power and 26.9hp diesel engine


  • Platform height: 156 ft 6 in (47.7 m)
  • Working height: 162 ft 6 in (50 m)
  • Lateral Reach: 49 ft 10 in (15.2 m)
  • Machine Width: 5 ft 3 in (1.58 m)
  • Machine Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
  • Machine Weight: 29,762 lbs (13,500 kg)


TL156 Spec Sheet