Canopy Series


LEO23GTTeupen is pleased to introduce the CANOPY® Series which has been specially configured to address the height access needs of the Tree Care Industry.  Teupen continues to set the standard in performance, safety, reliability and technology. The CANOPY® Series will feature Teupen's fourth generation integrated computer safety monitoring system, now known as:  "TODAC"  Teupen On Board Diagnostics and Calibration

Three models are currently available in the CANOPY® Series: Teupen remains the industry leader in technological development and advancement and is excited to announce the benefits of our most recent computer enhancements:
  • Coming Home Function automatic return to boom stow position (available on straight booms)
  • Interactive information display and operator interface
  • Permits even more refined system tuning
  • Memory tracking of system errors and / or fault codes
  • Increased transactional capability CANBUS (Control Area Network Bus) communication allowing multiple signals / messages to be channeled through single wire.
  • This system allows electronic signals to control hydraulic valves rather than hydraulic flow.  This results in fewer hydraulic hoses and less oil reducing both weight and environmental impact.
The CANOPY® Series gives you the ability to diversify your work so you can capitalize on new revenue streams. The CANOPY® lift can substitute for a bucket truck and then add many new applications and job opportunities that would be unreachable with a truck only (i.e.: courtyards, backyards, around pool decks, across sodded and irrigated lawns, cart paths, etc.). Additionally, you can extend the career and contributions of your most experienced climbers. As these highly skilled contributors age and the desire or ability to climb wanes, the CANOPY® series serves as a career extender by providing efficient and productive access to the work. With a Teupen CANOPY® lift you can complete pruning and removal jobs safer, more flexibly and more efficiently while minimizing time and overhead costs. A true competitive advantage can start earning you more money now!